Summer 2014 Season Wrap Up

Wish I knew how or why, but this season turned out to be a good season despite playing two games with 8 players and all but one game with only 9. We saw an increase in wins and jumped us past the past few 500 seasons at 9-3 which also got us the number one seed for playoffs!

Playoffs round one was a blowout and we beat the lower seed via mercy rule 20-5. The championship playoff game was…

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Santa Monica Softball, Spring Season wrap up


After another season in the the upper D division of Santa Monica Softball, we finished with a 5-7 record bringing us under our .500 record of the last season. Another season with tough opponents and all new players made it a rough one.

As for the upcoming summer season, we’ll be ready. We are merging with our friends “Hug it Out” from upper F o hopefully create a more consistent team. See you on the diamond starting in August.

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[Update] New team bat: Monsta Bats (ASA) 2013

I just picked up the brand new 2013 Monsta Bats (ASA) FIB bat by Monsta Athletics. There is a lot of chatter on the web about these new FIB bats. I’ve had it for a little over a week and have only hit with it about 10 times.

Monsta ASA Bat

Monsta ASA 2-piece slow pitch softball bat with FIB Technology.

Update July 2014

It has been a little over a year with last years new entry into the slow pitch softball bat field. I can say that I’ve been using it almost ever weekend since May of 2013.

When making contact with the bat I noticed a sound which at first sounds really bad, but once you swing it a few time you realize that the sweet spot creates that sound. When swinging the Monsta, their patented floating inner barrel technology gives you such a large sweet spot to boot! I noticed that my pull power had increased and those hard grounders picked up speed.

All in all I’ve been very happy with the bat, and am hoping for it to keep up it’s great hitting over the next few seasons.

Winter Season wrap up

This season we got moved up from Santa Monica softball co-ed division D- to D-2. This season was also the first time we did not make it to the playoffs after finishing 5-7.

Our first loosing record as a team, think I’ll chalk it up to the season taking 6 months. On to the next season which starts June 2nd.

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Follow up “New Demarini White Steel”

At the end of last summer in June, I picked up a new DeMarini White Steel 2012. Well a few weeks back the bat got a huge flat spot/dent in it. Was a little bummed it only lasted around 7 months, but was relieved to know it was still under new bat warranty. So after contacting DeMarini Bats I sent in the flat bat and they sent me a new 2013 DeMarini Steel.

DeMarini Steel 2013

Waiting for the weather to warm up just a tad bit more here in LA, then this bat will be ready for some action.

Summer Season wrap up

After winning the championship last season we got moved up a division to D- (which is the second highest in our co-ed league). After a 9-3 record we finished second behind Big Easy losing to them in the final championship game yesterday.

After a great season we are once again moved up to the next division. This time we’re in D2. Here is to a great season which starts in one week.

The full season box scores: Softball Sunday Coed D- PDF.

New team bat: Demarini White Steel

I just picked up a brand new Demarini White Steel 2012 model†.

The 2012 DeMarini White Steel is the perfect bat for conquering all of your low compression softball obstacles. Featuring DeMarini’s exclusive ultra thin Steel 01 Singlewall Barrel, C6 Composite Handle and N2M End-Cap. The White Steel is designed to swing with a heavy endload and perform at a high level when the ball is soft or the weather is hot. Be prepared for whatever the game brings you and put this MONSTER in your bag!